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In the heart of northern Norway, where the untamed beauty of nature meets the rugged determination of its people, a legacy was born – Ingvar, the world’s only Sami country artist. Born during the harsh winter storm, raised in the fierce Norwegian landscapes, Ingvar emerged from the very essence of this land - a place where survival against the elements isn’t just a challenge, it’s a way of life.

The Arctic winds and relentless storms have ingrained the essence of music into his very core. And who better than the people of this land to understand the need to create great music? He, the skilled Sami artist, stands as a guardian of Sami culture, embodying the spirit of his people. His influence knows no bounds. His talent has spread its wings globally, stretching across continents. Influencing musicians from all corners of the globe, who share a common bond - a natural instinct to make touching songs and music. It’s not just a job; it’s a calling.

The world's only Sami Country artist!

Ingvar, an outstanding 2022 «Texas Country Music Awards» winner

Winner of Norwegian Idol 2014.
Record release; «Fisherman in the Heart of Texas» - spring 2024

Singel release; «Crossfire»
Ingvar's family are commercial fishemen on the Barents Sea, north of the Arctic Circle, just as Ingvar himself has been doing!

Ingvar (1990) is from Kvaløya in Troms and he has 2 passions: Music and Football.

He has already for a long time been known as a great football talent in the northern part of Norway.

His engagement in music was a more private concern in the time before the Idol success.

Ingvar was seriously recognised when he won the Idol contest in 2014 . And he has later shown that

he is one of the best in his genre in Norway, and we believe; in the world!

He also has a  #1 single with "Sarah Moore" here.


In 2022 Ingvar won the highly reputated "Texas Country Music Award", as the best male vocal, with his

verson of "Unchained Melody".

It is admirable that a fisherman from the Sami culture in Norway won this prestigeous contest in the very heart of

the land of Country Music!

This shows that he is delivering at a very high level and that he has this "little somthing" - espesially in his live

performances. His success in Texas has resulted in a new invitation for him to come back in October 2023.


Ingvar has two singles running on the radio channels: "No more Roses" and "Sarah Moore" .

The album "Vol 1" was on the best-selling list in Norway, and a new album will be released early next year «Fisherman in the Heart of Texas”, producedin England together with Kjetil Mørland.

Mørland is the one that Ingvar produced "No more Roses" in company with , and he has now placed himself

with a foot inside the British Music Industry.

In England Ingvar has worked with Cher, Jake Budd and James Morrison.


Ingvar wanted -and desided to quit the collaboration with Sony Musi, and he has after that started working with

Charlie Mason (US) , Daniel Volpe (Germany) and  Ricardo Bettiol (Italy).

Together with these folks Ingvar is soon coming up with new tunes : "Crossfire" , "Lips of crushed Maroon",

"Home of my Own" and three other songs in addition to "Girl isa Trap" and "High Hopes" written together with

Simone Eriksrud (DSound) and Simen Eriksrud (SeeB).


Ingvar has participated on some of the greatest festivals in Northern Norway like "Countryfestivalen/Leknes" etc.

He has also performed in Christmas-show with Tor Erik Gunstrøm at the Prelaten in Tromsø - with several sold-out evenings ! 

Review | Scandi Pop
"Who is this chap?
This is none other than the latest winner of Norwegian Idol! 24 year old Ingvar Olsen won the 2014 series final on
*Friday night.
And the winner’s single?
So catchy, cheeky, sixties flavoured slice of up-tempo retro-pop called ‘Sarah Moore’.
VERY catchy! It is. It sort of seems a bit dated and ridiculous at first. But it’s very VERY lovable as quickly as the second listen.
HERE you can listen to the studio version via YouTube, and watch his live performance in the final.
Written and produced by?
Thomas Eriksen, who seems to be behind a good 50% of all of the Norwegian pop songs we write about these days.
What a guy!
Show us another performance of his from his time on Idol. And when he was singing Elvis Presely’s "A Little Less Conversation’" he is actually managing to sound like Elvis."

Briefly summarized:

  • New single: Crossfire

  • Finished album in the spring of 2024 with the title "Fisherman in the Heart of Texas". Note from Ingvar himself: "The album is recorded in London Studio, Metronomics. I work with Kjetil Mørland, who works with Paloma Faith, James Morrison, Cher, Jake Bugg. I worked with Daniel Volpe, who has a billion streams on his productions, as well as Charlie Mason, who wrote Cochita's winning song in Eurovision."

  • “Winner of Texas country music award, best male vocals” 2022 Marshall Texas and is invited to participate again in October

  • Best position in Norway: No. 1 single "Sarah Moore"

  • "No more roses" has 373,000 streams spotify and 73,000 views/YouTube

  • "Sarah Moore" has 487,000 streams on Spotify

  • “Another Tonight” 88,000+ YouTube

  • Together with all songs on Spotify over 1 million

  • The EP was on the bestseller list of physical copies in Norway

    Ingvard is inspired by: Beatles, Elvis Freddy Mecury

Ingvar can be booked as a Solo or with Band for smaller or bigger events.

We will bring Posters and promo-stuff, and we willtake care of the publishing of the arrangements through our ordinary channels.

New presentation, first at  "by:Larm"/ Oslo in September, and of cours for the Texas tour and competition in October.



Get in touch to book Ingvar

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